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401(k) Compliance

Many financial advisors address the exposure and liability of the financial fiduciary role. We take this one step further. Due to the majority of all Department of Labor investigations-related fines are due to administrative errors, we address your plans administrative liabilities as well. By adding features like a plan administrator to your plan, we can take away those administrative duties from you, keep your plan in compliance and relieve you of the liability.

The strategies we line out within our service model help you reduce fiduciary liability through the effective use of legal transfers, plan governance, provider monitoring and transparent communication. The fiduciary oversight we provide ensures excellence in your plan management from day one through independent governance and constant monitoring of all providers. In other words, we are your eyes and ears, prudently watching over your plan service providers for you.

401(k) Participant Services

Our tools and services were designed specifically to help your employees make the correct decisions and take specific actions to get on a pace for a fully funded retirement. We make it easier for your employees to figure out their retirement goals and then help them formulate a plan to achieve those goals.

By implementing 3 basic concepts, Personalization, Visualization and a Call to Action, we achieve a level of engagement that continually motivates participants to stay on pace toward a funded retirement. Through our easy-to-understand Gap Analysis Report, participants get a clear, personalized picture of their retirement readiness and where they need to be if a “Gap” does exist.

Other services we offer include:

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